Monday, June 26, 2006

The Great Contest of June 2006

Well, as you may have noticed, there are no real winners in The Great Contest of June 2006. Maybe we will have a more successful contest next time - with a real winner. Oh well. It was still quite a thrilling contest. Amy does deserve some credit for posting the correct answer and Cyndee was awarded honorable mention for her true but incorrect answer.

For those who haven't been reading the comments, the correct answer was that the story was in fact completely true. The only untruth was that the story was "based on a true story." I really thought someone would get it - I guess you all are not as smart as I thought you were. Or maybe as Rishi said, I'm just "craptastic." If I knew how to do it, I would put up a poll to judge which is the case. However, I have a hunch which direction the poll might lean...


Amy said...

I, like Cyndee, read that post several times, and spent a lot of time and research trying to figure out what wasn't true. I googled the date to see if any engines had derailed, I looked at mapquest to see if you were lying about the distance from Times Square to the theater. I even found out what venue Over the Rhine played at to see where it was and if you really had to run past Central Park to get there! I was totally stumped.

So, I vote for craptastic.

mary said...

Wow, Amy. I can't believe you did all that--but then again, if anyone would, it would have to be you. You, with the glorious love of looking up obscure grammatical rules and whatnot. =) This isn't sarcasm, by the way--it's sincere admiration. I feel really lame now.

Oh, and Adam, I'm not sure what "craptastic" means (perhaps Amy could look it up?), but I think it may well apply to you. ;) Thanks for the facebook wall graffiti--here's some cyber-warmth headin' back your way! =)

Aaron said...

"Tell me what is not true in this story (don't worry about small details) and I will grant you a very special honor (really)."

Unfair advantage or not, Amy is the winner. And you said theres no real winner. What a load of craptastic gobbledygook. You didn't specify that the person with the correct answer couldn't make multiple attempts or have some help with coming up with the correct answer.

I think Amy should get the eternal fame and glory. You owe her that much! After all, you did lie to us.

Adam said...

Maybe Amanda is right, comment moderation is the way to go.


Cyndee said...

I think it was fun, even if I didn't win..., Amy... you deserve the over-achiever award, definitely!!

Thanks, Adam!!

Amy said...

No, I'm not an over-acheiver, just ask anyone who knows me. I'm just a dork like that. =) I've come to terms with it, though.

mr. the durbin family said...

Maybe Annie Lennox was right, some of them really do want to use you. Sweet dreams are made of these!? I feel tossed about as a wave.

I first read the New York story with glee in reaction to the fantastical series of events working against our heroes, The Moores, in their pursuit of justice for all mankind -- a music concert.

Then Adam posed his question of authenticity: What is untrue? Oh, the drones of self-doubt I endured! Such a fool am I! Do I believe everything I hear?

I eventually came to terms with myself and decided on the Time Square jolt. That couldn't be true. I've tried to run through city streets in downtown Chicago before; it takes a long time to make it through those crowds and across those intersections -- no way you could make it in such a short time.

My dignity and wisdom had returned to me. I could once again discern truth from falsehood.

And now the final blow . . . the only lie was that it really was all true!? This is seriously bad form. I can think of four contests of June 2006 that were greater than this double-speak, mean-spirited malarkey. It's all a shim-sham and a horshen-flagghert and other gibberish from the 1920's.

From this day forward, Adam Moore, you and I are enemies.