Thursday, March 01, 2007

Leaving Church (Leaving Faith?)

"I will never go back to Christianity. I might visit a church, once in a while. But I will never go back."

This statement concludes the most recent entry on the new website "Letters from Leavers." I have only had a chance to scan through some of the first entries but so far it looks to be a very interesting new site. Here's the opening note from the founders of the site:

"Have you ever left a Christian Church Community?

"If you have moved on from church, we want to hear from you. Speak up and express your thoughts and feelings. Post a letter to this blog about your church experience and why you left. Write your letter with a specific church in mind or address it to the Church as a whole. It's up to you.

"We created this website to be a safe space for those who have left to freely tell their stories. Please tell us yours. "

How intriguing! What a great idea for a blog/website.

I am planning to submit my own story on the site and will post it here as well. However, until then, are any of you "church leavers?" Like I said, my story will be coming soon.

If any of this is interesting to you, be sure to check out Alan Jamieson's book, A Churchless Faith - an excellent read. I blogged about it a little bit here.

(Thanks to TSK for the intial tip. Prodigal Kiwi(s) Blog and Pomomusings have also been talking about it.)


Mary said...

Once again, you leave me tongue-tied. There are too many things I want to say after reading this and visiting the Letters from Leavers site. While I can't really comment, I guess, I wanted you to know that at least one person has read, explored, and will continue to think about this post. I'm even wondering what it would be like for some of us to write our own 'letters,' and share them with each other. I dunno.

creative apathy said...

Thanks so much for linking to our site. We really appreciate it. You mentioned in your post that you intend to submit a letter to letters from leavers. We look forward to reading it.

Thanks again,

Tim Bower

angela said...

Wow. I'm writing my own letter.

Mark said...

Thanks Adam. Everyone would benefit from a visit to this site. Spend some time listening, sharing our stories, and asking forgiveness.

I am part of the problem. I think we have to recognize that and accept it before we can hope to change.

I'm writing my letter also.