Monday, March 05, 2007

Recycling is good, right?

This upcoming week is going to be kind of busy for me. Instead of neglecting the blog, I have decided to recycle some previous posts (good for the environment, right?). So here is the first of a few "recycled posts" I will offer this week. Hopefully they will be new to many of you and still worthwhile to the rest of you. Here's one from my Xanga days.

God has been teaching me some about the infinite value of each individual person as a unique creation and expression of God. Of course this is an easy idea to take hold of and support. The problem is actually living one's life with this as a reality.

I have been convicted of some false thinking I easily fall into in this area. The temptation is to believe that I am special and that others just do not, and cannot, understand me. Of course, the problem is not in thinking that I am special or unique (that is certainly true, as it is for everyone), the problem is in thinking (and living like) I am more special than others - more important than others. I am coming to the realization that it is really just pride that causes me to think such things. What I am really thinking (to myself that is) is that I am better than/more important than/more significant than the person I believe "cannot understand me." What I am really saying is that all people should be me - all people should be like me/as good as me/as wonderful as me. This is all just another example of our horrible "self-addiction" (at least I hope I am not the only one!).

I think the reality is that we are indeed all unique and especially significant. And in a sense we really cannot ever completely understand each other. But this is not a deficit in God's creation - this is one of the great wonders of God's creation. We are all different, we are all a different idea/thought/result of God's love in creation. So the hope is that we might/I might embrace the uniqueness of our neighbors (fellow sons and daughters of God) and truly allow our eyes to be opened to see the expression of God in each one - even in those with whom we feel we share no natural similarities.


Mark said...

Adam - the things you shared with me/us about this revelation you had started a major change in the way I see the world, and hopefully in how I live. I'm glad you recycled this post and just wanted to say thanks.

and then Life happened said...


I have been reading/following your blog for a while now, and have been so enriched through the unique flavour and insight Father has given you.

Many times I have been waiting for my wife and while sitting in the car, have noticed the wonderful creative genius workman ship He has done in such a vast variety of people, all needing to know His great heart of love.
Thanks for recycling this bro.


Adam said...

Richard - so glad you've been reading. Thanks for saying hello! I hope you chime in again in the future.

Mark - thank you.