Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In an attempt to drive away any readers I might still have, how about another post about some random person's broken arm?

Alright, we have three exceptional entries for "The Great Contest About Some Random Person's Broken Arm, Which Took Place in April 2007 (the contest, not the broken arm)."

Entry Number 1 - Amy
- Blogging Bob

Entry Number 2 - Mary
- Harry and the Mysterious Accident

Entry Number 3 - Angela
- “A kitten’s claw and a country song”

Go and read these three great stories. I was really impressed with each one. How can we judge between them? I don't know. Who do you think should be the winner? Leave your comments.

(are you sick of looking at this picture yet?)


Amy said...

One amendment--the name of my story is "Blogging Bob".

I don't think I can vote. Mary wrote an incredible in-depth story and Angie wrote a fun, great little short story. I can't choose between the two, and I don't think it's kosher to vote for my own (especially because I do NOT think it's better than Mary's or Angie's).

Mary said...

great, Amy. way to kill the voting before it even starts. ;)

seriously, people: don't feel bad about picking between favorite stories! just as long as you pick mine.

angela said...

hahaha - Mary, thanks to you, I now have to wipe the coffee off of my monitor.

I have to agree with Amy, though, on the fact that the stories are all so different. It's difficult to judge.

But don't be afraid to vote for me! :-)

Adam said...

I will interpret these posts as follows:

Current Votes
Amy: 1
Mary: 1
Angela: 1

andrea_jennine said...

Oooh, tough decision! I think my vote goes to Amy, but it was a very close call!

Aaron said...

Amy's is clearly the best. Way better than the others. (oh yeah, brownie points baby)

Mark said...

Here's a vote for Mary. I loved it. The others were also good. I was just thinking this blog needed more competitions.

Richi said...

I vote for Angie.

Brook said...

I vote for Mary

Amanduh said...

I'm gonna have to go with Angie.

Jack's son said...

Can I vote for Adam?

Adam said...

Sorry "Jack's son" - you can't vote for me.

G-off said...

Brady Quinn's my man.