Monday, May 07, 2007

Embracing Ignorance

As it turns out, we are actually going to have a baby.

It’s still quite difficult to believe.

We have wanted this for so long that only in the last couple weeks has the reality been sinking in that a baby is coming. It is our baby. And we will most likely need to take care of it (and the ‘it’ is actually a ‘her’ – yikes). Even as I write those words it is hard to believe. We are having a baby. Wow. I think we are a lot more mentally prepared for this than we were a couple weeks ago, but really, can anyone ever be mentally prepared for a baby? I doubt it. At least for most people. But as for me – I’m prepared. I’ve read Baby 411 and I’m guaranteed to have The Happiest Baby on the Block. So what is there to worry about?

Am I totally freaking out (as GK questioned in the previous comment section)? No way. Why would I freak out when I have Rishi’s magic spreadsheet? What else do I need? Believe me; we’ve got it all taken care of.

Ivy, feel free to come any time. I’m ready. I may not have ever changed a diaper. I may not have spent more than 15 minutes holding a new baby. But believe me, I’m ready. I’ve read the books. I’ve got the magic spreadsheet. I’ll leave the freaking out for other new parents.

Everything is under control. Bring it on.


gk said...

You should be freaking out.

I'm just sayin is all.

Mark said...


Steph said...

i'm so happy for you both. you deserve some happiness for a change.

it's going to rock your world, adam.

you will never be the same.

Mary said...

Not that freaking out isn't underrated, but still...glad you can't wait!!!

Amy said...

What the heck is the magic spreadsheet? (Frankly, I was surprised no on else asked this...)

Mark said...

Rishi made a spreadsheet for parenting? What a nerd.

Can I have it?

Mary said...

Quick reminder for the soon-to-be-new daddy (I've heard that y'all can be kind of forgetful sometimes): Your daughter's name is IVY, not IGNORANCE. You're embracing (or will be) IVY. Simple mistake; she's not gonna know a whole lot when she gets here; except that she is very, very loved.

Anonymous said...

Can you get the magic spreadsheet even if you don't have kids yet?

See, I don't want my future children to end up in junior refrigerator college just because I didn't have Rishi's/Richi's magic spreadsheet.


april. said...

you two are going to be such AMAZING parents. scratch already are.