Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Will this ever end? No. Ok, maybe.

Alright, after a sudden surge of votes, we are left with the following final tally:

Amy: 3 votes
Angela: 3 votes
Mary: 3 votes

Ok, maybe the sudden surge of votes was a little suspicious...before the surge it must be noted that Amy had 3 votes and was in a commanding lead. So, being the moderator of this here contest, and being able to do whatever I want, I will conclude this contest as follows:

The Grand Winner of All: Amy
First Place: Angela
The Gold Medal: Mary

Alright, maybe this was a giant cop-out by me - I don't care. I thought all three of the entries were incredible (honestly). I wish I could write as creatively and as well as any of you. In my opinion, you all wrote stories worthy of eternal glory.

By the way, I have a sneakin' suspicion that people were afraid to vote because they didn't want to choose between the three. Yet another reason to have three winners. Of course, it's entirely possible that people just think I'm completely ridiculous...and they might be right.

One last thing. Perhaps you are thinking, "how can this be a real contest if there are only winners?" That is a good question. Here's my answer. There are plenty of losers in this contest! Let me name them:

Adam - Last place
Amanduh - Complete lack of participation
Richi - Too afraid to vote
Jack's Son - Total loser
G-off - Infatuated with Brady Quinn
Brook - my wife, and always a winner

The End.


Amy said...

I was amused by the "sudden surge of votes".

You have too much time on your hands.

And, could I say "BOOSH!" (Richi and Amanduh will appreciate that, though maybe not the libel of themselves and their names.)

angela said...

I'd like to thank the Academy. (waves hand frantically) Hi mom!

Mary said...

hehehe...the whole contest has amused me. Thanks, Adam, for the awesome study breaks it's provided! Amy and Angela, thanks for writing such fantastic, fun pieces! Seriously, I hope that my smack talk from before wasn't taken at all seriously--I don't think it was, but just in case: I was definitely kidding; there's no way I think my story is "the best". Y'all are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it some kind of inside joke that you spelled your beloved wife's name incorrectly? Or are you just THAT frazzled by impending fatherhood? ; )


Mary said...

Mistakes were made. Silly Ah-dum.

gk said...

Well you try and not be infatuated with Brady Quinn!

And I always thought it was incorrectly spelled "Richie."

gk said...

P.S. Totally unrelated question:

Adam, are you totally freaking out right now?