Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Picture Share

I think this might be my favorite picture of Ivy so far.


Anonymous said...

Wow...so far, every picture I've seen of her (well- all three of them) has made me think about how wild it is to see Brooke's face in miniature like this...but this is the first picture where I can see you in her face as well...not just a little, either--that is totally a Moore-mouth Ivy is rockin' there...

I also like the picture itself.

"Yeah...just chillin' out. After baby massage I think we're gonna toss some dogs on the Weber and ice some Pepsis...you know how it is..."

All joking aside...she is so stinkin' CUTE! What a little doll baby. And her coloring is so gorgeous...most babies her age are still sporting that boiled-tomato-peel look (ie "red" and "wrinkled-y") but she already looks so evened out. I chalk that up to good breeding, myself.


jeff said...

She's beautiful. Love y'all