Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oh My God

Ivy Grace came to us on Mother’s Day at 3:27 am – 7 pounds and 20 inches. See Brooke’s blogs (Reflections and Waiting) for more. I’m sure she/we will share more details soon.


Oh my God
Sweet embrace
A baby girl

Oh my God
How can it be?
She is here!

Oh my God
This love I feel
She is so beautiful

Everything is new
Everything is right
Oh my God


angela said...

Wow, she's so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I will put the same thing here that I posted in Brooke's blog...and ADD...oh my GOODNESS, she looks *exactly* like Brooke! All of her facial features look exactly like mini-brooke features!

Which is why, I'm sure, she is such a gorgeous baby!

Brooke, Adam, and little Ivy:

Oh, how I am rejoicing with you at this moment! My heart is bursting with the fullness that comes from knowing that God not only heard our cries, as He always does, but that He also granted all of our hearts' truest desire; that you would be blessed with a child to nurture and love in this earthly lifetime.

My eyes have filled with tears borne of the utmost gratitude to our God; since I too have been where you are- suffering through a loss almost too great for the human heart to bear, so I know the burdens that have been lifted from you. While my own heart still aches for motherhood, I take so much comfort in knowing that you are finally free of that bleak, soul-crushing albatross that is being a childless father, a mother with empty arms.
Sweet little Zach will never be replaced; a dozen children would never take away the hurt of losing him. But oh, the healing that comes with the unblemished promise of new life! As Ivy's presence helps to heal your heart, you will be able to take more and more joy in Zach's memory and the impact he had on your lives.

Although we only have that tangential connection of having attended the same school, I have prayed over you these last months as if you were my own family, as if this were my own child. Every day I prayed the Lord would honor my fervent pleas with one more day, please, one more day for Brooke to give this little life more of a chance...

Any time we see our prayers come to fruition, it blesses our soul and nurtures our spirit. But seeing the fruits of so many petitions offered up on your behalf; being privileged enough to view tangible evidence that God did indeed remember you...I know I must just be one of dozens right now who is so very happy for you at this moment.

I'm not only ecstatic for you and heart is warmed for little Zach as well, as I know he has concentrated his tiny spirit on watching over his baby sister. It's so easy for me to see...a beautiful boy watching intently, waiting for the exact moment that his sister is born...and when she is, a sigh of contented relief and a smile...he knows Mommy and Daddy will be okay without him; that they will be able to wait for him until such a time as the Father reunites them with their beloved firstborn son.

I imagine things all over the world were a little brighter on Mother's Zach reveled within the heavens at the knee of our Savior, there must have been an extra-bright star in the sky, a particular sweetness to a gentle breeze blowing, a measure of peace inside a heart where none had been before.

All because the Lord remembered you!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the world, Miss Ivy Grace Moore! You are loved so much more than you could ever know and cherished as much as anyone has ever been. You are a gift, a wish, a blessing fulfilled; you've made a family with your very presence. As I have prayed for you over the last months while you were being knit to absolute perfection, so will I continue to pray for you; that you never want for anything you need, that you walk in divine health, and that you would someday experience the pure joy that your very being has bestowed upon so many.

God bless you, Ivy Grace.

With love and gratitude for allowing us to share in your joy,

Nissa said...

For once, I am speechless...she's beautiful...

pipsylou said...

I think, if you looked up the phrase "proud pappa" in the dictionary, that picture would come up. She is such a beauty! What a wonderful name.

andrea_jennine said...

Heartfelt congrats!

Mark said...

It is a privilege to share life with you guys. So happy for you right now.

gk said...

Man I could go for some In N' Out burgers right about now.

Congrats Adam and Brooke.

Amy said...

That picture made me tear up. So, so beautiful.

Words can't express...

Ash said...

I'm so happy for the both of you. While I know I don't know the two of you very well, I've come to know through Geoff and Steph of your long road. How wonderful that Ivy was born on Mother's Day, and I wish you and Brooke the best.


Jeff said...

Yes, Oh our God!

Mary said...

She is GORGEOUS and I LOOOOVE this picture of y'all!