Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The prayers of a new father

"Lord, please help Ivy to fall asleep. Please don't let her wake up. Please allow Brooke to sleep for more than one hour at a time."

Alternative version: "OH GOD! Please let us all just get some sleep!"


Erin (a.k.a. Lily) said...

In case no one has told you, a day WILL come (eventually) when you will miss this stage. ;-)


gk said...

For us it was about 1 1/2 years before Addy finally slept decently.

(she's just like her mother....)

Yes, that day will come. It may not come soon, but it will come.

Hope ya'll are doing alright!

Amy said...

Yup. sounds about right.

Sorry. =(

Adam said...

Don't get me wrong, Ivy sleeps great. Unfortunately she happens to sleep great between 8am and 10pm. Maybe we should just find night jobs...wait that's what both of your spouses did! (Stephanie and Aaron)

angela said...

I like the alternate version. It's probably much more accurate. haha.
And I think she looks just like daddy.

Mary said...

My mom thinks she's a little carrot top! I hope so, although Brooke's dark brunette would be gorgeous too.

As weird as this sounds, I kinda wish I was still a roommate, and in on the whole craziness. I'll just have to content myself with visiting y'all like everyone else does. Back in Texas this weekend!

Aaron said...

Are you awake as i type this i wonder? 2:10am

ksock said...

Jon & Ronnie have no sympathy for those long nights. Jon's twins did not sleep through the night for 9 months and he had his to take care of every night - for about 6 or 8 weeks they had wake them to feed them every 2 hrs day and night, that was both Jon & Kelly. Ronnie's baby who is 20 months still does not sleep all night.
Congrats - she is beautiful.