Friday, May 25, 2007

Reflecting on my blogiversary

So, I was thinking about blogging and stuff (you know, with today being my big two year blogiversary and all - had you heard?). Anyways, I was thinking about blogging and why I blog and what a blog is for and what I should blog about next and other things, and I came across this great comment by Real Live Preacher about blogging. I think it is appropriate to quote on today my day of days, my blogiversary.

"...this blog is a personal thing. Blogs are intended to be that. They are, we might say, a record of a person's life. An old way of thinking might lead you to say, 'What makes you think anyone wants to read your personal diary, you self-absorbed fool?' A new way of thinking suggests that we are all adding to the collective information network of the blogosphere. Whether or not anyone reads your work isn't the most important question. It's the larger idea that's important. We are reading each other's lives. We are learning about each other and beginning to know each other across previously insurmountable geographical and cultural barriers. I like being part of that." (full text here)

I do too. On to year three. Thanks for joining me.

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gk said...

After all, YOU were named Time's Person of the Year, right?