Friday, June 08, 2007

Fear and Love

I thought this was great:

"Fear turns one inward, away from the 'other.' Fear imprisons. Fear resists hope and life. Fear prevents us from knowing and being known deeply. Fear resists interdependency and it closes us to loving and being loved. Fear inhibits creativity and stunts growth. Fear doesn’t see opportunities. Fear risks nothing.

"Love, on the other hand frees, love enlivens. Love holds the other as they are, and lets others hold us as we are. Love is vulnerable and open to others. Love says, 'yes' to God’s desire to love us, and in saying 'yes' we are able in turn to love God, others and ourselves.

"God is love. To 'image' God, we love."

(this was stolen in its entirety from Paul at Podigal Kiwi(s) Blog)

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Mary said...

I believe all this, including the verse that says perfect love casts out fear. What the verse doesn't say is the sad-but-also-true part: fear casts out love. Nor does it say much about HOW to conquer fear and/or choose love in spite of fear.

Once again, you manage to hit just the thing that has been weighing on me. Thanks for sharing.