Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Style before substance

Ok folks. We’re gonna have to compromise.

It is my blog after all.

You want links on my blog. You’ve got em.

You want more than one post on each page. You’ve got it (but only three - and don’t ask for more!).

But one big change is not open for discussion - I’m moving.

I’ve been thinking about a change of venue for quite awhile. I resisted because Blogger has been good to me for two years. However, a couple things at Blogger just drove me nuts. Also, and most importantly, I think Wordpress just looks cleaner and sharper.

So, go check out my new blog. A new address but the rest should stay pretty much the same (less content than I would like, a little controversy every now and then, and boring stuff in between. You gotta love it).

Please change your links (surely you can do at least one thing for me).

Be sure to notice, the link is (not

Don’t tell anyone, but because I am an idiot, I accidently deleted forever That mistake is still hurting. Oh well, will have to do. The blog’s still called “If God is Love” though - I like that a lot. And I’m quite attached to the banner photo.

So go check out the new site.